TBS presents the "Service made by ETH" for ETH Campus Services

The ETH "Campus Services" department has the task of relieving teachers, researchers and students at ETH in their day-to-day work so that they can focus fully on their teaching and research activities. The new TBS website shows everything that is included in this range of services.

The Campus Services department supports ETH members with services in the areas of logistics, mobility, communication and event management. After the advertising for the various services became increasingly independent, the communicative appearance of Campus Services was to become more consistent again and thus create more visibility for the department as a whole and its diverse services. Campus Services should be perceived as a central service provider that competently takes care of the needs of its clients and relieves them of their core tasks.

A performance within a performance

The ETH CD guidelines still had to be guaranteed, but a certain independence and recognizability had to be achieved. A modular concept was to unite the various service offerings and the entire range of topics under a concise formal bracket. A new, binding appearance was to be created for the department, which could be systematically structured and clearly define all applications and offers.

The result: "Service made by ETH"

Together with the communications team, the core messages, topics and offers were defined, which are to be communicated internally and externally. ETH Campus Services offers services that are precisely tailored to the special issues and needs on campus. Services that can only be created and offered at ETH. This claim should be expressed in all communicative measures.

Every idea starts as a sketch

Every project begins as a concept and sketch, even at ETH Zurich. The Campus Services department supports the implementation of these ideas with its services. Translated into a new design system, this means that the basic grid of the ETH CD templates is now used as a formal bracket. The grid lines symbolize a sketchpad and become the defining visual element of the
ETH Campus Services.

The grid connects

The new matrix becomes the connecting design element. This creates a consistent sender across all services and applications. Based on the new framework, a modular system was developed within the ETH CD that provides a clear guidance system for each application while still leaving a certain amount of creative freedom. All elements are precisely aligned and defined according to this grid, and call-to-action elements and disruptive elements are now also integrated.

The complete package realized

The agency also worked closely with the communications team on the implementation. A basic package with templates for all relevant applications and ETH channels was created and a manual for users and designers within ETH, including training, was developed to make the variety of services visible at all central touchpoints.

The services and department now have a uniform appearance and are perceived as much more present, up-to-date and professional.

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