Bühler & Bühler: New branding with webshop for Trauerkranz.ch

Empathy is required here: the agency Bühler & Bühler has developed a new image for the provider of funeral floristry that does not focus on the product.

Trauerkranz.ch is a new webshop for funeral floristry such as funeral wreaths, funeral arrangements and urn decorations. The brand is now being relaunched under the Bühler & Bühler branding, including the webshop. And that requires a very special flair in this industry: "Our service requires a great deal of empathy. We consider it a valuable task to be able to create something beautiful and comforting at the moment of farewell. The visual appearance should also reflect this," says Nicole Cartier. "This starts with the autumnal color scheme, continues with the visual language and extends to the way we take users by the hand."

The branding should create space for a conciliatory mood and not focus on the product, but on the comforting power of flowers, combined with the symbolism of the wreath. A light monogram echoes the shape of the wreath and functions as a seal of quality for traditional craftsmanship.

Responsible at Trauerkranz.ch: Nicole Cartier. Responsible at Bühler & Bühler: Raphael Bühler, Concept & Creative Direction. Salvatore Viola, Design. Stefan Berdat, Programming (networking.ch).

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