Brand Asset Valuator: These are the strong brands in Switzerland

The BAV is the world's most comprehensive survey of brand strength and brand image and shows which brands are the most present and respected in Switzerland. Strong brands are often immune to short-term fashions. However, major trends do not leave the brand world untouched.

There is also a lot happening on the Swiss market this year. This is shown by the latest edition of the BrandAsset™ Valuator (BAV) . The world's largest brand study is conducted annually in Switzerland by the WPP agencies Wunderman Thompson, Ogilvy and Scholz & Friends Zurich. It examines how the Swiss perceive different brands.

Google is at the top of the list of the strongest brands for the third time in a row, despite waves of redundancies and discussions about data protection. However, there is a lot going on in the ranks behind it: several food brands are able to move up strongly in the rankings. Ricola (+17 ranks), Zweifel (+12 ranks) and Lindt (+4). Nespresso also rose by 21 places and the cheese icons Appenzeller and Le Gruyère by as much as +67 and +14 places respectively. It could be that the increased trend towards cocooning in times of crisis is helping "comfort brands" from the food sector in particular to achieve success.

The toy brand Lego also made strong gains (+11), as did Kärcher, Mastercard and Dyson, which are new to the top 20. These are also brands that are increasingly used at home or for online shopping from home. Digital brands such as Microsoft (-5), Apple
(-10) and Samsung (-19), which were among the winners in the previous year, are clearly slipping this year. The reason for this is unclear.

Published for the first time: The brands that Switzerland trusts

The strength of a brand in the BAV is determined by two dimensions: brand vitality and brand stature. While brand vitality primarily indicates how strongly a brand differentiates itself in the market, brand stature provides insights into the trust placed in a brand. It is well known that the trust placed in a brand can contribute significantly to its preferred use - especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. For this reason, the authors of the 2024 study are also publishing the top 10 brands with the highest brand stature for the first time.

The findings from this list confirm the mega-trend towards cocooning. It is even clearer here than in the overall ranking that brands that stand for personal well-being and a family-like sense of community are particularly highly regarded. The brands with the highest stature, above all Zweifel, Ovomaltine and Lindt, are classic "feel-good" brands that promise a sense of security and satisfaction. However, the origin of a brand also creates trust: in the current evaluation, the authors see that "Swissness" appears to be an important factor for brand stature. Seven of the top 10 brands with the highest stature come from Switzerland.

Swiss brands dominate the "Most Loved Brands" again

Local brands also dominate the ranking of Switzerland's "Most Loved Brands". With the exception of WhatsApp, the top 10 consists exclusively of local brands, including five pure food brands. This is in line with the findings from the previous year, when Swiss brands also performed very well. Lindt is currently up five places, securing the top position, followed by Twint, Ragusa, Le Gruyère and WhatsApp. While Migros took first place last year, this year the retailer dropped to sixth place, followed by the Cumulus Card and Coop. Ovomaltine and Raclette Suisse complete the top 10 of the Love Ranking. Once again, the way into the hearts of the Swiss is through their stomachs: with the exception of WhatApp, all the brands represented here have something to do with food in the broadest sense.

Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Peter Petermann (Head of Strategy), Giselle Vaugne (Chief Operating Officer and Co-CEO, overall responsibility), Swen Morath (Chief Creative Officer and Co-CEO, overall responsibility). Responsible at Ogilvy: Matthias Müller (Head of Strategy), Martin Keller (CEO). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Zurich: Susi Miller (Strategy Director), Mathias Rösch (CEO).

The BAV is the largest and most comprehensive brand study worldwide. The study has been conducted in Switzerland since 1995. Since 2022, the study has been conducted in annual waves by the WPP agencies Wunderman Thompson, Ogilvy and Scholz & Friends Zurich. In the current wave, 9,600 Swiss people aged 18-74 were asked about their brand preferences. The number of brands surveyed this year is 600. The study is representative of the Internet population in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland according to Switzerland's official structural data. The survey period was from 31.08. - 14.10.2023.


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