FS Parker creates new branding for Midpoint Film

The film production company Halioua Film recently announced the opening of its new film and photo studio. Now the renaming to Midpoint Film follows. FS Parker is responsible for the realization.

The agency FS Parker and the production company Halioua Film/Midpoint normally work together on projects for brands such as Raiffeisen and Siemens. This time, however, the roles were swapped: FS Parker conceived and designed the new branding so that there are coordinated elements in which the work of the film production is the absolute focus.

In movie jargon, "midpoint" means the key moment that brings about major changes, new protagonists and a breath of fresh air in the plot, thus opening up the next act. The branding should also convey this.

"Our goal was to create branding that, despite its simplicity, would leave a lasting impression," explains Benjamin Franz, Creative Director at FS Parker. "Our focus was always on keeping Midpoint's great work in focus, with our branding acting as a supporting framework that highlights the content rather than competing with it."

Inspired by the name Midpoint, the meaning of which is the climax or central twist of a story, a circle was chosen as the centerpiece of the design. The rectangle surrounding the circle, on the other hand, symbolizes the film as a medium in which the stories unfold.

Responsible at Midpoint Film: Janic Halioua (Leading Director + Executive Producer), Noah Debbabi (Post Production Specialist). Responsible at FS Parker: Christoph Schmidt (CEO & Managing Director), Benjamin Franz (Creative Director & Partner), Michaela Aerne (Key Account Director, Consultant, & Media Expert), Toni Pihlaja (Art Director & Senior Motion Designer), Meret Borer (Graphic Designer & Multimedia Producer), Noah Dopslaff (Graphic, UI/UX & Motion Designer), Kitti Nemeth (Graphic- & UI/UX Designer). Realizations: Bloq labs (website programming), Druckdurst (labeling).

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