Accelerom realizes going-to-market for Zurich cargo e-bike Aloo

The Zurich-based start-up Aloo has completed the national launch of a new cargo e-bike in collaboration with the consulting firm Accelerom.

Under the brand name Aloo Bikes, Diavelo Switzerland develops, produces and distributes cargo e-bikes, which are developed in Zurich and assembled in Europe. Aloo's vision is to help shape mobility in urban areas through the development of innovative cargo e-bikes. In concrete terms, this means making everyday life easier through sustainable and safe transportation solutions. In this ambitious project, Aloo was supported by the Zurich-based consultancy Accelerom in market development from conception to concrete implementation.

The project began with a comprehensive market and brand analysis, followed by a systematic development process to work out the brand and its positioning and create the basis for purpose and content. In close collaboration with Accelerom, a stringent strategy was developed around the brand essence "easier and safer on the road". In several workshops, the "Aloo" brand was created in a very short time with clear implementation principles to ensure a consistent brand presence in communication and sales.

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