Twint at the top of the Swiss Reputation Ranking for the first time

Twint leads the GfK Swiss Reputation Ranking for the first time. Zweifel and Migros follow in second and third place. In addition, Rega is at the top of the ranking for non-profit organizations for the seventh time in a row.

This year, Twint leads the reputation ranking and, according to GfK Switzerland, is now one of the 50 most important companies in Switzerland due to its increased awareness among the Swiss population. "The company is seen as an absolute top company that offers better services than other companies in the sector and stands out positively from other companies. The under-30s in particular rate Twint extremely highly," says Dr. Anja Reimer from GfK Switzerland.

Second place in the ranking was taken by Zweifel, which improved by one place. Migros is in third place this year. According to Anja Reimer, although Swiss people continue to identify most strongly with the retailer, Migros scored less highly this year in terms of social and moral appreciation.

Ricola and SBB occupy the next places. The latter improved by five places and achieved the highest scores in terms of environmental sustainability.

Rivella, in sixth place, improved its ranking by three places, while Mobiliar (ranked seventh) moved up seven places. Coop, Lindt & Sprüngli and Geberit follow in 8th to 10th place.

(Graphics: GfK Switzerland)

Demographic differences in ranking

Men rate Zweifel slightly better than Twint and also rate Ricola slightly better than Migros. Women, on the other hand, rate Twint best, followed by Migros.

German-speaking Swiss rate Rivella, Mobiliar, Zweifel, Geberit, Ricola and SBB better than French-speaking Swiss, whereas Coop and Lindt & Sprüngli score better in French-speaking Switzerland.

Migros is in second place in French-speaking Switzerland, ahead of Zweifel, while Coop is in fourth place. For the French-speaking Swiss, the cantonal banks, Logitech and ABB are also among the top 10 - whereas Mobiliar, Geberit and Rivella are not among the ten best companies here.

NPO ranking: Rega in first place for the seventh time

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega topped the ranking of non-profit organizations for the seventh time in a row. "Rega enjoys a high level of popularity among the Swiss population. The Swiss identify with Rega and attest that it is successful and stands out positively from other organizations," comments Anja Reimer.

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation is in second place in the ranking, followed by the Swiss Red Cross, which improved by three places. Spitex Switzerland, in fourth place, also improved by one place. It is followed by Médecins Sans Frontières, Fairtrade Max Havelaar and, in seventh place, TCS, which moved up seven places. The Cancer League remains in eighth place, followed by Bio Suisse and WWF Switzerland.

The GfK Business Reflector measures the reputation of the 50 leading Swiss companies and 20 best-known NPOs on the basis of a population-representative survey, compares them and thus provides an annual cross-sector seismograph of the Swiss corporate and non-profit landscape. Together with the Research Institute for the Public Sphere and Society (Fög) at the University of Zurich, a scientifically sound measurement tool was developed to provide Swiss marketers, CSR managers, companies and NPOs with a representative reputation index. The results are based on over 3,500 interviews conducted throughout Switzerland, which are collected from mid-January to mid-February. The aim of the study is to provide objective and precise reputation monitoring.

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