Reputation ranking: Helvetia and Swica at the top

Together with the IMWF Institute, analyzed the reputation of insurance companies and health insurers in the Swiss media. At the top of the rankings is Helvetia in the insurance sector and Swica in the health insurance sector.

Insurance companies and health insurers are regularly present in the media and on social media. Topics and the way they are reported and commented on influence how these companies are perceived. In a comprehensive study, 13 insurance companies and 13 health insurance companies have now been analyzed with regard to their reputation in Swiss media sources. The results show how the companies perform in the areas of product & service, innovation, profitability, sustainability, management and employer.

Helvetia, Baloise and Swiss Re occupy the top positions in the insurance sector

Those who manage to be present in reputation-relevant topics and at the same time do so in a positive context strengthen their good reputation. Among insurers, Helvetia is clearly the best at this, as the study shows. The company is convincing in all areas, with some minor compromises in terms of employer.

Second-placed Baloise, on the other hand, is significantly less present in the Swiss media, but is able to compensate for this with very good tonality values. Swiss Re achieved third place thanks to its outstanding visibility. In the other places are Die Mobiliar, Zurich, Axa, Swiss Life, Vaudoise, Pax and Suva. Allianz, Generali and Emmental Versicherung did not make it into the top 10.

Overall, the study gives the insurance industry a good report card in terms of its media reputation. Almost all of the top 10 insurers have a sufficient presence in all six reputation dimensions, with only a few companies scoring below average. With over 44,000 articles analyzed, the industry has very good visibility in the media, even if the figures for the individual companies vary greatly.

Swica, Sanitas and Visana make up the podium of health insurers

When it comes to visibility in the media, health insurers cannot keep up with the insurance companies. With just over 12,000 articles evaluated, health insurers are far less present.

Swica achieved the best reputation among the health insurance companies. It combines media visibility with good tonality and thus achieves very good scores in practically all six reputation dimensions, according to the study. Second-placed Sanitas is only just behind with an equally almost flawless profile. Visana in third place scored very well in terms of profitability, sustainability and management.

KPT, Aquilana, Groupe Mutuel and Helsana in fourth to seventh place are close to each other with an overall reputation at a similar level. Atupri, ÖKK and CSS complete the top 10. Assura, Concordia and Sympany remained outside the top ten.

Sustainability issues have so far fallen by the wayside

As part of the study, the subject areas in which the evaluated companies are present in the media were examined in more detail. Driven by the SMI companies Swiss Life, Swiss Re and Zurich, 41% of all articles by the insurers are assigned to the topic of "profitability". "Product & service" topics account for 28 percent and topics relating to management almost 20 percent. Sustainability, innovation and employer topics together account for just under 12 percent of all statements.

In the case of health insurance companies, topics relating to product & service (42.5%) lead ahead of profitability (22%) and management (21%). Here too, only 14% remain for the other three reputation dimensions.

The study concludes from this that both sectors are rather poorly represented, particularly in terms of sustainability communication (share for insurance companies 7.8%, for health insurance companies 8.4%).

For the Study by the and the IMWF all reputation-relevant statements of the selected companies in publicly accessible Swiss news, articles, posts, comments from journalistic news media, discussion pages, social media such as Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and forums were evaluated in the period from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. More than 56,000 media contributions were analyzed.

An AI-supported text analysis was used for this purpose. After pre-filtering all media contributions from the selected companies, the specially trained algorithm evaluates the statements semantically and assigns them to the thematic reputation categories.dimensions. To calculate the reputation values, the visibility (number of statements) and tonality are taken into account for each dimension. Finally, these results are statistically weighted and the overall ranking is calculated.

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