Solid Identities turns "Any Working Mom" into the brand "Mal ehrlich"

The media platform and community for parents established under the name "Any Working Mom" is expanding its range of topics and is emphasizing this with a name change and a complete rebranding. The Zurich agency Solid Identities is responsible for the new brand design and the UX design of the website.

The media platform follows the principle of writing honest texts - driven and inspired by its community. "Let's be honest" wants to address all topics relating to parenthood openly and without taboos. Creating an "honest" brand world was therefore the logical consequence. The fact that the name says it all is also reflected in the unusual use of the logo: Complemented by a colon, it integrates directly into strong statements or sub-brands.

"The English 'me' in the short form of the logo is no coincidence. The key to a happy family life often lies in parents' self-care," says Selina Eugster, Creative Director at Solid Identities and responsible for the new brand identity on the agency side.

Comprehensive rebranding

The rebranding project included support in the naming process, the development of the entire brand identity including the logo, social media formats, the UX design of the new website with a concept store and the development of the digital guidelines. The brand values of self-confident, familiar, honest, empathetic and humorous were translated into an independent and high-quality brand identity that conveys and supports the luminosity of this company.

Distinctive appearance

With the colon as a symbol and the animated pictograms formally derived from it, a strong color scheme and a modern font, "Mal ehrlich" aims to communicate with an unmistakable and approachable language. With this appearance, the brand is equipped for future requirements and needs of the community. At the same time, it is a reflection of the company, its values and attitude.

"Our aim was to develop a brand toolbox that could honestly communicate its incredible range of formats and content. The new website needed to be lively and easy to use without sacrificing the consistency of the brand," continues Eugster.

Responsible at Mal ehrlich: Rebecca Krausse (Management / Project Management Rebranding), Anja Knabenhans (Head of Content), Andrea Jansen (Strategy and Development). Responsible at Solid Identities: Selina Eugster (Creative Direction), Levin Bissig (UX & Motion Design), Séverine Telley (Brand Design), Elmar Müller (Naming).

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