Bern government council defends new audio brand

The Canton of Bern's new acoustic identification sign has recently attracted criticism. The costs for this were estimated at over 38,000 francs. The government has now defended the new audio mark in the Bernese Grand Council.

The Canton of Bern's new audio logo is causing a stir in the Grand Council. (Symbolic image: Keystone/Goran Basic)

Nils Fiechter, member of the Oberwil SVP council, wanted to know from the government how the high costs, in his view, were compatible with the principles of efficiency and economy.

In its answer to the simple question, the government council informed Fiechter that the costs were divided into three blocks. One third was spent on the groundwork, i.e. the strategy and concept.

A second third of the costs were spent on the composition, production and implementation of the audio brand in different variations. The music library contains around 50 files. A final third was spent on licenses to ensure that the audio brand belongs exclusively to the Canton of Bern in the long term and that it is also legally protected.

Overall, the government has always made a conscious effort to ensure that the costs are within a reasonable and normal market range.

The canton's public image is governed by design guidelines. These specify, for example, what the logo looks like, which fonts the canton uses, which colors or which imagery.

These guidelines support the cantonal administration when it comes to the uniform design of brochures, presentations, flyers, posters or the lettering on buildings. The Canton of Bern should be clearly recognizable as the sender at first glance.

In the age of digital communication, audio-visual media products are also increasingly being used. This is why the segment has been expanded. The canton's multimedia content should also have a uniform design and the sender should be recognizable. (SDA)

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