Kargo relaunches platform for Fairunterwegs

The Bern-based agency Kargo has relaunched the platform of the non-profit organization Fairunterwegs. Fairunterwegs.org is intended to serve as a companion for traveling in a way that leads to sustainable happiness and does not harm the planet.

Despite the growing interest in sustainable tourism, only around ten percent of travelers are willing to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of their flight and certified offers receive little attention. Fairunterwegs.org aims to provide environmentally conscious travelers with a comprehensive information platform so that they can close this gap between intention and action.

The website offers consolidated information and advice on responsible travel that would normally have to be painstakingly sourced from various sources. It is aimed at anyone who is committed to sustainable tourism and provides answers to questions about the most environmentally friendly travel options, fair business travel and sustainable transportation.

The responsive website runs with PHP and JavaScript without any frameworks. Only two JavaScript libraries were used. This approach ensures a fast loading time of the website and also enables the smooth functioning of the Country page with an interactive map of all countries. The concept and design were developed by Kargo, the technical implementation was carried out by Glunz. Both from Bern.

The new platform was successfully relaunched at the end of 2023 and is currently in a consolidation phase until mid-2025.

Responsible at Fairunterwegs: Jon Andrea Florin (overall project management), Sabrina Haase (PM). Responsible at Kargo Kommunikation: Christoph Balsiger (Creative Direction), Simon Aline Thurnheer (AD, Screen Design & PM), Nicole Balsiger-Gerber (Accounting). Responsible at Glunz: Dino Meyer, Christian Heiko Wüthrich (programming).

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