Brand Indicator Switzerland: Migros is once again the most popular brand

Migros has regained the top spot as the most popular and strongest brand in the "Brand Indicator Switzerland" ranking. In the previous year, the retail giant had been edged out by WhatsApp. The messenger service is now in second place, followed by Google, and the payment app Twint.

According to the press release on the study published on Thursday, Migros has made gains among young people in French-speaking Switzerland in particular. However, the survey was conducted before the Migros management decided to restructure the group. Among other things, Migros is planning to sell its subsidiaries Hotelplan and SportX and will cut around 1,500 jobs.

Retail, consumer goods and global brands dominate

The "Brand Indicator Switzerland" (BIS), compiled under the direction of Zurich-based advertiser Frank Bodin and together with Deeptrue, Furrerhugi and Converto, remains dominated by brands from the retail and consumer goods sector as well as digital global brands. The Migros label "From the region, for the region", which was recorded for the first time, immediately took sixth place. Le Gruyère and Lindt ranked 8th and 9th respectively.

Meanwhile, the Group brand Coop slipped to seventh place, but Coop remains well represented in the top ten with and Coop Supercard (10). The upward trend of is spectacular, according to the press release. In 2022, the brand was ranked 118th as Coop@home, 18th in 2023 and now 4th. In contrast, is only ranked 100th.

(Graphics: Brand Indicator Switzerland)

The promoted and relegated teams

The biggest climbers in the top 100 brands include:

  • Lindt (from rank 17 to 9)
  • PayPal (from rank 122 to 16)
  • Swiss meat (from 53rd to 31st place)
  • Swiss Milk (from rank 80 to 37)
  • Kägi (from rank 60 to 39)
  • Swiss (from rank 65 to 40)
  • (from rank 81 to 54)
  • Samsung Galaxy (from rank 103 to 55)
  • Raiffeisen (from rank 114 to 61)
  • Nike (from rank 108 to 73)
  • Canon (from rank 116 to 93)
  • Maggi (from rank 133 to 97)

The list of the biggest movers and shakers among 16 to 29-year-olds is as follows:

The BSI study is based on an online survey of 2631 people aged 16 to 65, which is representative in terms of language region, age and gender. The survey was conducted from November 21 to 30, 2023. (SDA/swi)

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