TBS makes the new strategic direction of the Age Foundation visible

With the redefined strategy of the Age Foundation, the formal appearance also gets a facelift. To kick things off, TBS is redesigning the website, stationery and social media presence and creating a lively portrait of the foundation - the Age Panorama.

As an independent funding foundation, the Age Foundation addresses socially relevant issues related to the challenges of ageing and is committed to finding sustainable solutions. To this end, the foundation has been developing basic principles, promoting projects, initiating partnerships and raising public awareness since 2002.

Evolutionary into the future

In 2024, the Age Foundation is realigning its strategy: Ageing with a stronger focus on vulnerable life situations and fragile phases as well as a new emphasis on palliative care. At the same time, the Age Foundation's image is also being reviewed and the design updated. The future appearance is to be given more stringency, the corporate design systematized and manifested in the new website and company portrait.

Restructured and documented

The basis is right, but there is still more potential in the details of the design. The logo will be reduced, the core elements of the design will be readjusted and the overall appearance will be tidier. The website is revised and made more user-friendly. The new design system is clearly defined and documented in the manual.

The hyphen becomes the link

The hyphen now has a more prominent role and is also increasingly reflected in the content of the website. Finally, the Age Foundation has a unifying effect in its core activities. This makes the hyphen the defining element for all communicative applications.

New appearance with presence

The realignment should be clearly visible and tangible to the outside world. The entire team, including the Board of Trustees, will be portrayed by Zurich photographer Dan Cermak. All office documents, the social media presence, newsletters and presentations will be refreshed. The future strategy is presented to the media, experts, partners and friends at the "Age-Connect 2024" networking event. The relaunch of the revised website will take place at the same time. The Age Panorama, which presents the activities of the Age Foundation, also celebrates its premiere here. Further applications will follow in the course of the year.

Reach your goal more effectively through collaboration

The new website was created in close collaboration with Managing Director Fleur Jaccard and her team. Advocacy provided support with the content of the website and the Age Panorama. TBS was responsible for the design concept, all implementations and the coordination of the web programming.


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