Dachcom creates brand identity for FGMhelp

Dachcom developed the brand identity for FGMhelp, the new contact point for female genital mutilation in the canton of Zurich.

The blue-green version is aimed at professionals, the reddish version at those affected.

Over 20,000 women and girls in Switzerland are affected or threatened by female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C). The canton of Zurich now also has a specialized contact point for those affected and their relatives, as well as for specialists from various fields.

The contact point was launched on the International Day against Female Genital Mutilation on February 6, 2024 with an information event in Zurich. Speakers included government councillor Natalie Rickli and Sara Aduse, ambassador against female genital mutilation.

Dachcom developed the new FGMhelp brand and the associated brand identity for the launch of the contact point. The new logo makes the core task of the contact point quickly tangible, while the abstract imagery with its wave-shaped elements also expresses the complexity of the complex topic of FGM/C on a visual level.

The website is divided into two color schemes - blue-green for professionals, reddish for patients and relatives - which is intended to reflect the different tonality and information transfer and will also be used on the planned web platform. In a first phase, FGMhelp is available on the landing page Fgmhelp.ch which contains the most important information and contact details.

For the launch, Dachcom also implemented initial communication measures such as roll-ups and social media content, which will be continuously supplemented with further elements in the coming months.

Responsible agency: Dachcom, Rheineck / St. Gallen team.

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