Pink Squirrel renews and modernizes Survista website

The Zurich agency PinkSquirrel has created a new website for the Zurich-based asset manager Survista. The aim was to appeal to existing partners and customers, as well as the company's own and potential new employees, with an attractive and contemporary website and to create a more modern and technically improved platform.

Zurich-based asset managers Survista employ around 15 people. The financial professionals attach particular importance to a personal relationship with their clients. "Our client wanted a website that would stand out within the industry and underline Survista's strong position as an established asset management company," explains Flo Wacker, Partner and Creative Director at PinkSquirrel.

The agency developed a new screen design and layout and programmed the site. The result is a modernized website designed for different channels with a strong visual language that showcases Survista's customer promise - far-sighted and prudent asset management and financial advice.

Responsible at Survista: Peter Gut, Reto Hubmann (project managers). Responsible at PinkSquirrel: Flo Wacker (Creative Direction), Cedric Schweizer (Art Direction), Thomas Ammann (Text), Dany Kielholz (Strategy), Flavia Salvisberg (Consulting Management), Joan Minder (Photo).

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