Charles Blunier realizes 360-degree campaign for CCFO

The Swiss-based B.I. Collection is launching "Car Collector's Family Office" CCFO, a family office for car collectors. The Zurich-based creative studio Charles Blunier & Co. is also on board, having realized a 360-degree campaign in addition to the strategic brand positioning and naming. This can be seen in the New York Times, the Financial Times and various First Class Lounges, among others.

CCFO claims to be the world's first family office for vehicle collectors and develops and combines the proven services of a traditional family office with a focus on the individual requirements of vehicle collectors. Based on its extensive expertise in the classic and luxury vehicle segment as well as its existing services, CCFO offers a complete package for the customized management of vehicle collections.

Charles Blunier, who is already responsible for the entire creative part of B.I. Collection, also designed the CCFO brand. "Our aim was to create a brand that exudes the credibility of a financial institution and at the same time evokes the emotions of a car collector," says the agency. Everything from the strategic brand positioning and naming to the 360-degree campaign was implemented in-house.

Responsible at B.I. Collection: Beat Imwinkelried (owner and CEO), Anke Fischer (Chief Marketing Officer). Responsible at Charles Blunier & Co: Charles Blunier (overall responsibility and creative director), Ricardo Ferrol (art director), Silvio Demuth (senior designer), Dan Roznov (storytelling, copywriting), Simon Tellenbach (managing director), Lena Staeheli (head of editorial & projects), Daniela Zivadinovic, Barbara Kallenberg (PR & Communication), Visual Park (Film Production) Luzian Schlatter (Director), Alex Kleinberger (Producer), Jan Holgerson (1ac), Sabina Nussbaumer (Wardrobe), Hastings (Wardrobe), Romain Roucoules (Photographer), Sébastien Michelini (Set Design), Iconoclast (production). Forward advertising: Sonam Wieland, Andrea Kloter.

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