Branders creates two new restaurant brands at Zurich Main Station

The Branders agency supported the two restaurateurs Nenad Mlinarevic and Valentin Diem with the brand creation for two new restaurants at Zurich main station: Brasserie Süd and the fine-dine restaurant The Counter.

Together with the founders and the core team of Bauernschänke, which includes the Neue Taverne and Neumarkt restaurants as well as the restaurant of the same name, Branders has defined the brand identities for the new restaurants Brasserie Süd and The Counter. Both are based on the existing philosophy of creating inspiring culinary experiences and constantly setting new trends in Zurich's gastronomic landscape. While Brasserie Süd is dedicated to an urban flair inspired by French and international influences, The Counter aims to enrich Zurich's haute cuisine.

The brand identity of Brasserie Süd is inspired by the location and its atmosphere. The colors and fonts harmonize with the historic architecture and the newly created modern elegance of the space. The cosmopolitan ambience with its dynamic hustle and bustle that characterizes this meeting place in the heart of Zurich inspired the curved lines that characterize the corporate design as a design element in various forms.

The brand design for The Counter also creates a design reference to the interior architecture: the characteristic shape of the counter that gives the brand its name is echoed in the obtuse angle that makes the logo's lettering unmistakable and is used as a recurring design element in various applications. The dark color palette is intended to underline the dignified sensuality that also accompanies the culinary experience.

Both brand designs therefore have a high degree of independence, whereby the creative inspiration for both was derived from their immediate spatial environment.

Responsible at Bauernschenke: Valentin Diem (Partner); Nenad Mlinarevic (Partner, Creative Director); Sue Dervichian (CEO); Muriel Steenhaut (Project Management). Responsible at Branders: Thea Ferretti (DirectorCommunications), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Sarah Hepp (Senior Brand Designer), Andrea Bissig (Senior Brand Designer).

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