Branders realizes brand refresh for Beldona

Branders supports the lingerie and swimwear brand Beldona in refreshing its image with the aim of continuing to successfully appeal to modern and self-confident women in a contemporary way.

Together with the Beldona team, Branders drove forward the further development of the positioning that had already begun and sharpened the understanding of existing and potentially new target groups. This revealed that the brand's appearance and image must be more strongly oriented towards a contemporary lifestyle in future and at the same time radiate more "premiumness" in order to successfully differentiate itself in the market.

Addressing the strong self-confidence of modern women inspired the redesign of key visual features in the brand's appearance. The recurring, round arch shape in the design system refers to the initial letter of the brand on the one hand and emphasizes the femininity of the brand identity on the other. The color palette of the corporate design also increasingly incorporates skin tones, which are intended to both radiate warmth and create proximity to the brand and its products.

The aim of radiating accessibility as a premium brand also manifests itself in the further developed image style. The images are intended to appear more open and fresh and less reminiscent of the poses expected from fashion photography. The new style is based more on spontaneous snapshots, which are intended to further accentuate the feeling of approachability.

Numerous touchpoints were visually optimized in order to make Beldona's claim to a contemporary appearance tangible throughout the entire brand experience. From the design of shop windows at the POS to the redesigned customer magazine and social media posts, the brand experience was enriched with various aspects designed to bring the brand's fresh image to life.

Responsible at Beldona: Gregor A Hueni (CEO); Bettina Albiez (Head of Product & Sourcing); Claudia Buecken (Head of Retail); Nadja Erhart (Head of Marketing & E-Commerce); Julie Macé (Senior Marketing & Communication Manager); Norina Schmid (Marketing & Communication Manager); Jeannette Schwarten (Graphics); Cornelia Hengstler (Junior Social Media Manager); Mirjam Schaffner (Head of Visual Merchandising); Isabelle Grunau (Head of Marketing and E-commerce). Responsible at BrandersRené Allemann (CEO & Creative Director), Thea Ferretti (Director Communications), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Sarah Hepp (Senior Brand Designer), Andrea Bissig (Senior Brand Designer). PhotographyJanna Tode (brand images); Oliver Rust (e-commerce).

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