Markenfels realizes new appearance for Titlis Bergbahnen

The Zurich agency Markenfels has implemented a new brand identity for Titlis Bergbahnen. This is intended to represent the strategic realignment of the Engelberg mountain railway company. Above all, this includes the planned renovation on the mountain by Basel star architects Herzog & de Meuron by 2029.

The aim is to appeal to an "increasingly international and digitally savvy audience", according to a press release issued on Thursday. In addition to new lettering, the new look also includes graphic elements and the hashtag "ThePeakToBe".

In addition to "ThePeakToBe", other key messages were also designed in the form of social media-compatible hashtags. The "T" as a design element consists of dynamic lines and is reminiscent of the steel structure of the new directional tower. In terms of color, the brand now shines in blue with red highlights.

The Titlis brand identity is not a temporary campaign, but an independent and sustainable design system that implements the corporate strategy - developed according to the "digital first" principle.

Titlis project as a trigger

The brand image will become visible at the start of the 2023/2023 winter season and, according to the press release, will go hand in hand with the planned architectural upgrade of the Titlis summit. Under the name "Project Titlis", Herzog & de Meuron have designed the extension of the directional tower, a new mountain station and an additional railroad line to the summit. The project is due to be completed by 2029 (SDA/pd/swi)

Responsible at Titlis Bergbahnen: Norbert Patt (CEO), Urs Egli (Head of Marketing), Fabian Appenzeller (Head of Communications). Responsible at Markenfels: Gernot Honsel (mandate management), Dr. Ulrike Grein (strategy), Taco van der Lujit (creative direction).

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