Yellow positioned "Baslerischte Basler Leckerli"

Basler Confiserie Bachmann has commissioned the Yellow agency to reposition its traditional Basel cookie. The first measure was a promotional campaign inviting people in the region to try it.

Confiserie Bachmann is widely known in Basel. The family business is now in its third generation and has developed into a Basel institution over the decades. Since it was founded 75 years ago, Bachmann has operated its bakery in the heart of Basel's Old Town and serves its customers in three stores with cafés in central locations in Greater Basel. As the Basler Leckerli are a very popular pastry and are therefore offered by many manufacturers, the owners of Confiserie Bachmann Yellow asked for support.

Strategic positioning

To determine the strategic positioning of the brand, the creative agency Yellow first analyzed the market and conducted street surveys to find out consumers' preferences regarding Basler Leckerli. Based on these findings as well as the history and special features of the traditional company, Yellow's specialists defined the field for the brand positioning and the brand story.

The first operational measure was developed from the brand essence "Baslerischte Basler Leckerli". It builds on the results of the blind tasting in the streets of Basel and invites the public to try it. The regionally rolled-out campaign relies on classic advertising in and on Basel streetcars as well as on a website including an online campaign and posts on social media. Due to the strategic orientation of Basler Leckerli, the designers at Yellow also revised the packaging in parallel with the communication concept.

Responsible at Confiserie Bachmann: Lisa and Aurel Bachmann. Agency: Yellow, Basel.

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