Art.i.schock creates a fresh look for the Ilgenhalde Foundation

The Ilgenhalde Foundation in Fehraltorf is presenting a uniform image for the first time. With a refreshed design and a new website at its heart, it presents itself as a professional, committed and contemporary player. The Zurich agency Art.i.schock designed and implemented the website.

The Ilgenhalde Foundation offers education, housing and therapy to people with cognitive and multiple disabilities from childhood to adulthood at three locations. In order to make its services and values tangible in all communication measures, it has given itself a new image. The foundation now presents itself to its stakeholders as a professional, committed and contemporary player.

The refreshed design retains the four basic colors in a less garish form and strengthens the foundation brand as a modern umbrella brand. To this end, a claim was developed: "Enabling development". The website, which has been completely restructured and rewritten, serves as the new main means of communication. Stakeholder groups are now addressed with fresh images and videos. For example, short films provide insights into the various job profiles. This strengthens HR marketing and positions the foundation as an attractive employer.

The Zurich agency Art.i.schock defined the key strategic principles of communication for the foundation's new image. Based on the new communication concept and the overall redesign, the agency implemented not only the website but also image and advisory flyers with insert cards, created a social media concept and initiated an adaptation of the LinkedIn channel.

Responsible at the Ilgenhalde Foundation: Marco Camus (Executive Board), Stephie Smith (Marketing), Christiane Roth (President of the Board of Trustees). Responsible at Art.i.schock: Nadine van den Berg (consulting, project management), Sylvia Brüggemann (concept), Lukas Koller (graphics).

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