Pinktank refuels new energy for Heliomalt

On Wednesday, the redesign of Heliomalt was presented to the media and guests in Lucerne. The new message: "Attention... Ready... Energy." Contortionist Nina Burri guided through the evening.

Accompanied by Pinktank, the established brand "Heliomalt" gets a rebranding and now wants more than just to return to the Swiss breakfast table. The focus is clearly on everyday life, because people need energy throughout the day.

The chocolate powder has been around for almost 100 years - until now it has been known mainly to older generations. To ensure that a traditional Swiss product did not disappear into oblivion, investors bought the Heliomalt brand and recipe. Heliomalt needed to be revamped to appeal to younger generations. Against this backdrop, a rebranding was needed that would inspire both existing and new target groups alike to drink Heliomalt.

Pinktank supported Heliomalt in this endeavor. The joint creative work resulted in the overarching corporate DNA "Attention... Ready... Energy". The brand is now to stand for energy, joy, power, freedom and modernity. Heliomalt's Power Powder is intended to provide energy that is quickly needed in everyday life.

The new story further resulted in a fresh Design for the websiteThe new packaging design includes a new logo and contemporary packaging designs for the 400-gram bag and the 15-gram sachets. A transparent cutout shows customers what they are buying. In addition, the HelioFant is brought back to life. He acts as a mouthpiece for social media activities.

Responsible at Heliomalt: Management. Responsible at Pinktank: Cordelia Hagi (overall responsibility), Rolf Kleeb (project management).

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