Kunde & Co gives the Baden Dance Center a new look and feel

The Zurich branch of the Danish agency Kunde & Co has designed a new look for the Baden-based dance center BTC. The measures include a refresh of the logo and the visual language.

The BTC is a nearly 40-year-old dance school with modern, minimalist décor - concrete walls, black ceilings and furniture. The rooms were designed specifically for dance. In terms of advertising, the BTC has long relied on humorous texts with a characteristic red background, as well as a classic, simple look. Over time, this became part of the institution's design THEN.

Stand out in black and white

To stand out from other dance schools and reflect the modern facilities, BTC worked with Kunde & Co to opt for a black and white imagery - which contrasts with the otherwise colorful images. This is to ensure a distinctive and consistent brand image.

The design DNA of the dance school formed the basis for the new look and update of the logo, keeping the red and white color scheme, but with a more modern touch. The red circle represents the center itself, and the line represents the dance floor. By placing the three words of the name vertically, more space could be used to emphasize the dance.

Dance in focus

In addition to a photo shoot featuring all BTC teachers, photos were also taken of various dance classes. All these visualizations now form the image base of the school and have been used in outdoor advertising, social media, the website and flyers.

In addition, the campaign includes 17 short dance films that were implemented for social media and the Internet. Filming took place in a Green Studio at NEP Switzerland. The footage was subsequently applied in the form of animations on background images showing BTC's facilities.

According to the agency, the new logo and design have been very well received by customers. In addition, the campaign has already attracted new - and younger - customers.

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