Evoq implements brand refresh for Alao

Alao has established itself in the Swiss market as a broker and digital go-to offer for attractive mobile and Internet subscriptions. The Evoq agency has been tasked with demonstrating Alao's added value to B2B customers while driving growth among price-sensitive B2C customers.

Getting the best value for money on mobile and Internet subscriptions is essential these days. Finding the best deal can sometimes be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. Alao's basic idea has always been simplicity. But as the company's success grows, so does the complexity of its branding. Being inexpensive without looking cheap. Conveying competence and still remaining simple, these were the requirements for Evoq. Together with Alao, the agency developed a new brand positioning, sharpened the associated advertising messages and updated the brand design system for consistent branding.

New positioning sets the tone

Alao's vision is to leave behind the dubious image of the telecommunications industry by offering surprising and exceptional services, thus becoming a trusted player in the market. The positioning is to build a strong emotional bond with each stakeholder, and to stand the offer as a "Love Place" for telecommunications.

The renewed positioning is also the brief for the design refresh. The new look is designed to bridge the gap between loud, cheap online retailers and the trustworthiness of established telecom brands, conveying ease of use across predominantly digital touchpoints. The "smile element" in the logo taps into the emotional customer experience. The redefined use of existing design elements and brand colors is intended to guarantee recognition for the B2C customer base and convey a sense of reliability and competence to the increasingly important B2B customer base.

Activate the brand

How the brand feels, looks and sounds to the different target groups is conveyed by the brand design guidelines and a customized "messaging toolbox". For B2C customers, the message board is formulated with service and sales in mind. B2B customers receive their own messages tailored to them. However, both target groups are addressed in line with the positioning. The toolbox is thus intended to provide inspiration for current and future communication and marketing activities and thus help to communicate more qualitatively and, above all, more effectively in a rapidly changing market.

Customer: Alao. Mandate management and concept: Adrian Schaffner. Project management and text: Siljan Laerdal. Creative Direction: Markus Wohlhüter. Design: Marc Hahn.

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