Campfire and LID build digital bridge between city and countryside

The agency Campfire, based in Nidau, is launching the new digital information platform together with the agricultural information service LID.

The digital information platform was realized with a novel headless CMS approach and launched in spring 2023. It serves as a central point of contact and is intended to reflect the motto "We build bridges between town and country".

A website to achieve the company's goals

To achieve LID's ambitious strategic goals, the project team set itself the task of significantly improving findability, usability and user experience with the new website.

In a first phase, the needs and interests of all relevant target groups were identified. With the insights gained, a user-centered access concept was created.

In close cooperation between LID and Campfire, solutions are developed to display the extensive content and helpful offers in a findable and accessible way. As a basis, all content and offers were tagged with an extensive tagging concept. Thus, content can be used and output dynamically, systematically and flexibly.

Brand values visually revived

The existing corporate design underwent a digital rebranding based on the company's values. With a new, flexible design system, future adjustments are to be made efficiently and consistently.

Modern technologies, short loading times

The platform was implemented using the headless CMS approach in Umbraco with modern technologies and frameworks, which enables short loading times. This performance is a key factor in further expanding the perception and use of LID's content. The headless approach also enables the LID to provide personalized content on other channels in the future.

A technical separation of the content - in the CMS with the headless CMS Umbraco - and the presentation form in the frontend enables flexibility and independence in content entry and simplifies the further development of the information platform.

Seamless integrations of other systems

The platform is connected to the Swiss newsletter tool MailXpert and offers seamless integration of various third-party systems, such as Infogram. Media professionals also have the option to copy and reuse editorial articles with one click. Dynamic topic pages and a user-friendly search and filter function round off LID's digital offering.

Responsible at LID: Markus Rediger (Managing Director), Jonas Ingold (Editorial Manager and Project Manager online), Daniela Carrera, Andreas Reichmuth (Project Managers Schools), Stefanie Mancini (Project Manager Communication). Responsible at Campfire: Nico Erb (Research), Dirk Unger (Design), Daniel Vasile, Patric Martin, Pius Caduff (Development), Damian Kunz (Strategy).

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