After lifting of the "Pils" ban: Feldschlösschen brews Swiss Pilsner

Since 2023, Pilsner beer may also be called Pilsner in Switzerland - an occasion for Feldschlösschen to expand its range: with the first Swiss Pilsner.

For a long time, a beer brewed in Switzerland was not allowed to be called "Pils". The background: Since 1927, Switzerland and the Czech Republic (previously with Czechoslovakia) had an international treaty that permitted the designation only for beer of Czech origin. This agreement was abrogated at the end of 2022. For Feldschlösschen, this was an occasion to develop a Swiss Pilsner and thus expand the product range.

With Feldschlösschen Pils, the brewery is offering a new spicy-tart beer made from Pilsner and Munich malts and a blend of hop varieties. Feldschlösschen Pils is available now in the 50-cl can as a 6-pack in selected Coop supermarkets and in the online store From October, the Pils will also be on the beer shelves of Coop Pronto.

Due to the state treaty on the designation "Pils", which had been in force for almost 100 years, a separate category of beer had been created in Switzerland: The Spezialbier or Spezli. While originally including beers brewed in the Pilsner style, the category evolved over the years and adapted to the tastes of Swiss consumers.

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