Employer branding monitor from Klar shows needs

A recent study by Klar, an agency specializing in employer branding, shows what motivates employees in Switzerland.

The Employer Branding Switzerland 2023" Monitor is designed to provide companies and HR units with insightful insights in times of skills shortages and addresses issues that may never have been on employers' radar because they were deemed unimportant or irrelevant. The study is designed to provide companies with insights to analyze, sharpen or realign their own employer positioning for clear market differentiation. The Klar agency developed and conducted the study together with the market research company Blue Eyes Marketing.

According to the study, the working atmosphere is more important than the salary for employees in Switzerland. However, this does not apply equally to every age group. The study also examines what other expectations employees have of their employers, what their wishes are and what their no-gos are. The study also reveals differences between Gen Z and the baby boomers and reveals how important a company parking space is and what role the staff restaurant plays.

The Monitor by Klar and Blue Eyes Marketing is conducted annually and is based on a representative online survey of 525 employees in German-speaking Switzerland who could imagine changing jobs. The first survey was conducted from December 2022 to January 2023 using a structured questionnaire.

Interested parties can Order the most important insights of the study here.

  • Population: men and women, 20 to 60 years old
  • Sample size: Total of 525 interviews, soft quotas on occupational groups (academics, craftsmen, office workers)
  • Maximum sampling error: +- 4.4%
  • Survey topics: Work culture characteristics, employer attractiveness, and employer benefits.
  • Psychography: The Klar Monitor is based on the "blue mind" psychography model. The data collected is applied to the generation models/personas on the basis of their values.

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