Monami creates new digital brand presence for Haldengut

Zurich agency Monami brewed a fresh new slogan together with Haldengut: "Heb di guet - Haldengut". The new digital brand identity and the accompanying campaign are intended to get the beer eagerly wandering over the counters in Winterthur and Zurich.

For 180 years, Winterthur and Zurich have been working with Haldengut beer. The new digital coat of paint developed by Monami in the form of the new slogan "Heb di guet - Haldengut" and the revised brand emblem brings the history of the brand into the 21st century with a contemporary campaign and a dash of local color.

Local personalities as figureheads

This summer, Haldengut presents selected personalities who shape Winterthur and Zurich with their creativity, humor and modesty. The Zurich party decorator Boris (Discosmetic), artist Moira Musio and DJ Lou Combo will kick things off.

Lou Combo, Moira Musio and Boris (Discosmetic) are figureheads of Haldengut.

Haldengut and the three Haldengut superheroes have a lot in common - they all make their cultural contribution to the revitalization of the region "Winti" and "Züri". Haldengut refreshes the throats and does good to the mind, Moira provides aesthetic moments of pleasure with her art, Boris creates feel-good oases in the city with his creative party decorations, Lou Combo provides good vibes and vacation feeling.

In short portrait videos and content pieces, the three take the community on a journey into their workplaces. In the pubs, the campaign scores with interactive beer mats, posters and beer passes.

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