Asap implements new website for Wanner Immobilien

When the second generation of the Wanner family entered the real estate industry, it was decided to establish the family name as the company name as well. As part of a complete rebranding, Asap was commissioned to revise the brand identity.

The idea for the new visual identity is simple: the customized wordmark is a nod to the foundation of any property - the floor plan. The entire visual identity is based on the floor plan of doorways, as Wanner Immobilien symbolically opens doors for new property owners as well as closes them for sellers.

In addition to a new logo and associated design elements, the overall project also includes the definition of colors and fonts, the imagery, the letterheads, and the newly created claim "Menschlich anders" ("Humanly different"). The appearance is supplemented with a communication concept and a fresh social media feed.

Responsible at Wanner Real Estate: Carol Wanner, Christoph Wanner. Responsible at Asap | Alder Strässle and Partner: Ramon Alder, Nico Strässle, Ian Spahr, Manuel Eichmann, Cédric Freivogel.

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