Publicis Zurich creates new club crest for FC Wollishofen

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the Wollishofen football club, Publicis Zurich redesigned the somewhat outdated club crest.

The result is a contemporary logo that cleverly combines the "F" with the district's coat of arms. Art director Anatole Comte, who is responsible for the new design, explains: "When redesigning the logo, it was important to us to retain the history of FC Wollishofen and honor traditions. That's why the old community and current neighborhood coat of arms - a symbol for Wollishofen - continues to form the basis after the redesign. The most important thing about the new logo is that it immediately creates a connection, a commonality between the viewer, the club and its members, and the neighborhood."

CEO Matthias Koller is also pleased with the result: "Being allowed to design a new brand identity is always a great project. For the 70th anniversary of FC Wollishofen, I offered a board member to redesign the club logo, which was getting a bit long in the tooth. Of course, without anything in return, because as the father of a junior, I value the club's work and the commitment of its coaches and officials enormously."

However, the project was not implemented entirely without a quid pro quo; for a short time now, a poster directly under the Sonnau sports field scoreboard and an advertisement in every match booklet have been drawing attention to the services of Publicis - and the Publicis logo is emblazoned on the first team's jerseys.

The new logo can now be seen on all FC Wollishofen jerseys as well as on the locally posted match sheets.

Responsible at FC Wollishofen: Michel Korzepa (FCW Board Member). Responsible at Publicis Zurich: Anatole Comte (Art Director), David Lübke (Creative Direction), Matthias Koller (Overall Responsibility).

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