Schläfle Trittibach develops new image for Stäfa fire department

The Zurich agency Schläfle Trittibach was commissioned to professionalize the graphic appearance of the Stäfa volunteer fire department.

The new figurative mark is inspired by the established graphic language of pictograms. For the logo, a familiar impression was deliberately chosen. The color was also based on the tried-and-tested fire department red. The intention was to avoid graphic experiments.

The reduced logo created by Schläfle Trittibach illustrates a fire hose formed from the initials F for fire department and S for Stäfa.

The new look will be used in various applications - including clothing, vehicles, communications and social media - and is intended to further optimize the quality of the Stäfa militia fire department.

Responsible at fire department Stäfa: Roger Bregy (Head of Fire Department and Civil Defense). Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (Creative Direction), Thomas Buchwalder (Photography).

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