Hella Studio Draws Eye To Outlawz Food

Bern-based agency Hella Studio gives vegan food producer Outlawz Food a new look.

Outlawz Food landed a quickly sold-out hit in the festival summer of 2015 with its vegan kebab. The young company from Bern is active in the field of meat substitutes and has set itself the goal of making vegan products the standard rather than the alternative.

In order to achieve this, Outlawz Food now wants to communicate its attitude and philosophy more strongly to the outside world. The company is supported in this by Hella Studio from Bern. "For us it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to take this step with Hella Studio. They have the credibility as well as the necessary competencies to position our brand nationwide," explains Dario Hitz, CMO at Outlawz Food.

Kasper Kobel, Creative Director on the current status of the project: "From product packaging to the website, we are creating a link between attitude, appearance and philosophy with the new visual identity. And make them visible, fresh and eye-catching - matching the corporate DNA of the innovative brand."

In Hella Studio's 360-degree concept, a pair of eyes becomes the central element. This is not only integrated into the new logo, but also makes eye contact with customers on the new packaging. "With the original pairs of eyes of all employees, we simultaneously convey transparency and local proximity of Outlawz," says Kasper Kobel.

The campaign will be launched gradually so as not to have to replace existing products and packaging - which is also in line with Outlawz Food's sustainability philosophy.

Responsible at Outlawz Food: Kevin Schmid (CEO & Co-Founder); Dario Hitz (CMO & Partner). Responsible at Hella Studio:  Joëlle Lehmann, Kasper Kobel (concept, design and photography), Inyourface, Laura Marti / Maria van Harskamp (text), Cutout Studio, Philippe Moesch (animation).

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