Traditional brand Grether's in a new look

Brand consultancy Branders has rejuvenated the brand identity and communications of Grether's Pastilles and sharpened the brand's positioning. There is also a new TV spot.

If you want to be heard, you have to communicate loud and clear - this applies to people as well as to brands. The long-established brand "Grether's Pastilles" has been holding its own for decades in a heterogeneous market in which a wide variety of brands, from sore throat-soothing pastilles to fruit candies, fight for attention and market share. In this dynamic competitive environment, the challenge for Grether's to differentiate itself in the market and remain relevant for consumers is growing.

Branders works with Grether's to sharpen the brand's positioning around the theme of a clear and strong voice - as the brand's primary promise to all consumers. This focus with broad appeal creates a strong foundation for rejuvenating and emotionalizing the brand's image and communications.

New communication measures

As part of this brand refresh, the existing visual attributes will be reviewed and revised with a view to creating a concise appearance. The brand name is also being shortened to "Grether's" in the interests of greater focus. The gentle re-design of various packaging - first and foremost the iconographic can - is done entirely in line with this focus and the harmonious use of the revised design elements.

With a view to communicating the positioning as a familiar, consumer-oriented brand, as well as the increased appeal to younger target groups, individual communication measures are being specifically redesigned - the headline "Balsam for throat and voice" inspired, among other things, a TV commercial created with Lukas Mäder and Shining Film. In it, the successful Swiss singer Anna Känzig lends her voice to the Grether's brand as a credible brand ambassador.

Responsible at Grethers: Uriel Frank (Head of Marketing), Aglaé Voetmann (Senior Brand Manager). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO & Creative Director), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Philippe Knupp (Strategy Director), Thea Ferretti (Communications Director), Walter Tagliaferri (Advertising Director), Andrea Bissig (Senior Brand Designer), Palma Manco (Senior Brand Designer). Responsible at Shining Film: Leonardo Sanfilippo (Executive Producer & Partner), Yanik Müller (Senior Producer), Antonia Grosse (Line Producer), Sandra Vacić (Postproduction Coordinator), Lukas Mäder (Director and Photographer), Jonas Steinbacher (DoP), Simon Hardegger (Colourist), Nicolas Bechtel (Editor).

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