Rosarot launches new "Truly Good" range for Migrolino

To ensure that the Migros subsidiary's own-brand assortment also stands out freshly on the refrigerated shelf, Rosarot created the independent assortment brand "Migrolino Truly good" and developed and implemented a new packaging design. The design has already been implemented on around 150 products.

Migrolino offers a wide range of ready-to-eat products under its own brand. The task was to develop an innovative and concise packaging design. The look had to reflect the Migrolino brand, offer customers orientation, contain the promise of "fresh, healthy, fine, sustainable and inexpensive" and convey the Migrolino brand story. The aim was to strengthen Migrolino as a food convenience provider.

For the redesign of Migrolino's own brand assortment, the Zurich agency Rosarot developed an independent assortment brand under the name "Migrolino Truly Good" and was able to prevail in the pitch.

"Migrolino Truly Good" is intended to become a strong, confident brand and convey in a quick way that Migrolino's ready-to-eat products are "truly good." For the packaging, a bold and honest typography meets an emotional, handwritten font. This, in combination with the natural texture of the paper, is intended to convey a feeling of sustainability and to focus on the truly good nature of the product. Color coding and icons provide a quick overview so that customers can find their way around as easily as possible.

Rosarot has already implemented the new packaging for around 150 products from the Ready-to-Eat range. Sandwiches, salad bowls, poké bowls, wraps, Birchermüesli, juices and much more have been available in the new design since Wednesday in 315 Migrolino and 50 Mio stores throughout Switzerland. The launch is supported at the POS by targeted introductory measures.

Responsible at Migrolino: Melanie Ritschard (Team Leader POS Marketing), Buletin Thaqi (Product Manager Ready to Eat), Alexandra Vogel (Marketing Manager), Sandro Coppola (Marketing Assistant), Marco Fallico (Head of Legal, Communication and Quality Management), Thomas Fiebig (Food Consultant), Lukas Bürge (Head of Product Management Fresh Produce). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Dominique Ghilardi, Sarah Därendinger, Bianca Berger (Art Direction), Marcela Narváez, Stephanie Steimer (Graphic Design), Flavia Hänni, Fabio Montefiori (DTP), Sarah Pietrasanta, Franz Neugebauer (Text and Concept), Nadine Ticozzelli, Felicia Lauper, Lorena Amgwerd (Consulting).

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