Blueheart creates new image for Suter Inox

The Aarau-based agency Blueheart was commissioned to implement a rebranding for Suter - from market analysis and strategy workshops to redesigning the logo and developing the new visual identity.

The Suter family business looks back on a 75-year history and has evolved in recent years from a specialist for sinks and stainless steel custom-made products to a holistic kitchen outfitter with a comprehensive range of products.

In order to live up to the motto "Ready for change - ready for the future", the Executive Board, together with the Board of Directors, decided to tackle a rebranding.

In the rebranding process, "evolution instead of revolution" was the motto. The new, fresh image and the positioning "The plus for the kitchen" are intended to underline Suter's claim to be an innovative family business with its finger on the pulse, to offer real added value through high-quality products and services, and to continue to develop. In addition to the prize book, Blueheart also designed various online and offline communication media.

Responsible at Suter: Marco Suter (CEO); Christine Roth (Head of Marketing); Damaris Wellmann (Communications). Responsible at Blueheart: Gregor Meyer (CEO); Hanno Lietz (CD Text/Concept); Olivier Kilchherr (CD Art); Frédéric Renzen (Workshops / Strategy); Kristjana Lleshaj (Consulting).

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