Züger cream cheese takes over Coop's own Filona brand

The Filona product was launched by Coop two years ago and produced from the outset by Züger Frischkäse AG in Oberbüren SG. Now the family-owned company has taken over the brand rights to Filona from Coop. The brand will be available in the refrigerated shelves of Coop, Spar and Volg from mid-April.

While mozzarella made from Swiss milk had largely established itself in recent years, fresh cheese still mainly comes from abroad. Together with Coop, Züger Frischkäse therefore launched the Filona product under its own brand "Qualité&Prix" in the fall of 2020. According to information, sales have developed well, but the big breakthrough has so far failed to materialize.

To get closer to this goal, the family-owned company in eastern Switzerland will incorporate Filona into its brand line from April 2023 and sell it under the Filona brand from Züger. The acquisition of Filona will allow Züger Frischkäse to sell the product in additional channels and invest in marketing accordingly. No changes are to be made to the products' recipe.

In terms of price, Filona is positioning itself more favorably than the market-leading competitors from abroad and at the same time aims to score points with regionality, Swiss quality, and short transport routes. Both a Nature and a Herb version will be available throughout Switzerland at Coop, Spar and Volg from mid-April 2023.

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