Swisscom is the best-known brand in the telecom and entertainment sector

Who are the winning and losing brands in the telecommunications and entertainment industry in 2022? Continuing brand monitoring by the market research institute Link shows that Swisscom is ahead in many areas.

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On the basis of a study conducted by the market research institute Link In the past few months, we have already discussed trends and developments in the 2022 brand and advertising performance of brands from the Finance and insurance sector as well as from the Retail and consumer goods industry reported. Exclusive data on 25 brands in the telecommunications and entertainment industry is now also available. This results from around 13,000 interviews per brand and year.

Awareness score: Swisscom leads

The highest average awareness score in 2022 was recorded by the Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom at around 95 percent - but the highest absolute increase in awareness compared with the end of 2021 was achieved by competitor Quickline (+ 8.0 percentage points), followed by Prime Video (+ 6.9 percentage points) and Yallo (+ 6.7 percentage points). Over time, it can be seen that Quickline was able to crack the 30 percent mark in terms of awareness score in September 2022, which is in line with the Introduction of a nationwide subscription offer is likely to go hand in hand with this.

Consideration and trustworthiness: Swisscom dominates again, Netflix beats Disney+

After Swisscom leads in awareness, the brand also leads clearly in the next funnel stage, consideration, with around 45.5 percent and is in first place. In second place is streaming provider Netflix with 36.6%, which is more than twice as strongly considered as competitor Disney+ with 17.6%.

Swisscom also leads the list in terms of trustworthiness with 51.7 percent - this is particularly clear here, as second place, occupied by Netflix, is much lower at 15.3 percent. In particular, the direct competition in telecommunications, such as Sunrise (14.1 percent), M-Budget Mobile (13.6 percent), Salt (9.0 percent) and Coop Mobile (6.7 percent), perform significantly worse here. This once again underscores the special standing that Swisscom seems to enjoy among the Swiss population.

Media perception: Netflix reaches peak value regarding peaks

The picture is somewhat different for special customer satisfaction - i.e., satisfaction within the company's own clientele: Although Swisscom ranks fourth here with 58.5 percent, it is outperformed by its own sub-brand Wingo (first place with 76.6 percent) as well as Netflix (67.2 percent) and Net+ (66.9 percent). The two streaming platforms Sky Show (+ 9.5 percentage points) and YouTube Premium (+ 9.0 percentage points) recorded a significant increase in the absolute change in customer satisfaction, while competitor Prime Video, for example, posted a significant minus (- 9.1 percentage points). The latter could be related to the Increase in own subscription prices in July 2022 have to do.

In terms of advertising perception, Swisscom can again place itself as the winner: In terms of both digital advertising perception (23.7 percent) and offline advertising perception (22.8 percent), it takes first place in terms of average advertising perception in 2022. Sunrise (10.3 percent and 10.4 percent respectively) is the closest competitor here.

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However, the media perception is particularly striking: Although the telecommunications company Swisscom scores significantly better in the awareness score and is thus better known than streaming provider Netflix, the latter records a significantly higher relative - in relation to awareness - peak in media perception with a plus of 14.7 percent (Swisscom: 11.2 percent). This peak is in May 2022, which coincides with the media coverage of the revised film law ("Lex Netflix"), which was voted on May 15, 2022.

About the methodology of the link study

  • Population: Swiss resident population aged 15 to 79 years
  • Total sample size: n= approx. 52,000
  • Around 250 interviews per brand per calendar week and brand segment; for this annual review, rolling moving averages were formed over the last four calendar weeks in each case, i.e. approx. n=1,000 per data point and brand
  • Confidence interval for total sample: max. +/- 3.1 percent (for 50% distribution).
  • Research method: online interviews
  • Quotation/weighting: by age, gender and region (interlocked)
  • Random samples from the Link online panel, 100 percent of which is actively recruited through representative telephone surveys, reaching more than 97 percent of the relevant population; survey participants are excluded from follow-up surveys for at least three months at a time
  • Survey period: 1.1.2022 to 31.12.2022
  • Project management: Stefan Reiser, Managing Director Marketing Research at Link

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