Scholtysik modernizes the law brand Thouvenin

The brand name is shortened to Thouvenin, and the design becomes fresher and stronger. The striking imagery based on drone photography is expanded. Scholtysik modernizes the entire brand presence and implements it just in time for the 40th anniversary of the commercial law firm.

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Thouvenin is looking ahead: Scholtysik shortens the brand name from "Thouvenin Attorneys at Law" to Thouvenin and modernizes the design with active colors, stronger typeface and consistent reduction to the essentials. The aim of the refresh is to give the differentiating entrepreneurial approach of the commercial law firm a contemporary and forward-looking expression.

More impact

The shortened name Thouvenin is language-independent and is intended to better reflect international, exclusively English-language professional communication. In addition, the powerful design should generate significantly more impact in compact social media formats.

The drone shots of the Zurich metropolitan region - the most eye-catching element of Thouvenin's appearance to date - is also consistently continued in the new appearance. With the help of Google Maps, Scholtysik's designers and photographers determine real existing image compositions, find out the best time of day or night for ideal lighting conditions, and film them by drone for static and moving applications. Scholtysik had already developed the "Zurich-Birdview" image concept for Thouvenin several years ago and, according to its own statements, massively increased the perception and recognition of the firm in the industry.

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