Agap2 revises employer branding concept with Farner

Agap2, an engineering and operations consulting firm specializing in industry and IT, brought in Farner in the context of the current talent shortage to develop its positioning as an employer brand and communicate its values more clearly and coherently to the market.


Agap2 Switzerland approached Farner with a simple insight: talent is increasingly difficult to recruit, and retaining current employees has become a real challenge. In this context, Agap2 has many little-known competitive advantages.

Farner's employer branding teams met with employees and consultants to identify Agap2 Switzerland's personality and what makes the company different. Because job security and the variety of tasks offered are key, Agap2 Switzerland has adopted the claim "Let's make work an adventure," based on the following three major values: "Relying on the match," or the promise to assign projects in a way that meets employees' needs. "Providing variety," or the promise to offer a true professional adventure that employees can grow from. And "Accelerating progress," or the ongoing anticipation of clients' needs to help them develop projects that will shape the future.

To bring these newly identified values to life, a visual concept was devised and applied to the brand's internal and external communication tools: a new career portal on the website, an activation strategy via the company's LinkedIn professional network, and an internal newsletter program for all employees.

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