Teil.ch and Elements.at renew brand presence for Grächen

Grächen St. Nikolaus wants to appeal not only to families but also to adults from summer 2023. Teil.ch and Elements.at are responsible for implementing the new brand orientation.

The vacation destination of Grächen St. Niklaus is a household name, especially for families. For years, the destination has been consistently promoted for families with children under the positioning "Grächen a fairy tale".

From summer 2023, adult target groups are to be addressed in addition to families and ensure growth. At the same time, a start is to be made on building up strong event brands that are intended to boost occupancy rates in the future, particularly at the end of the season.

The new direction was preceded by an intensive analysis and strategy process and the development of a new marketing strategy based on market research data.

The Zurich agency Teil.ch creatively translated the new brand orientation. The Salzburg agency Elements.at was engaged for the complete relaunch of the destination website. Both agencies were able to prevail over national and international competitors in a multi-stage pitch process. In addition to the development of a new corporate design, the creative budget also includes a new brand logo and communication concept for a consistent target group approach.

Under the bracket "Time for Grächen", Grächen St. Niklaus wants to present itself harmoniously to all processed target groups from summer 2023. "We were looking for an emotional brand anchor that hits our target groups right in the heart. We are convinced that the Corona pandemic has made people much more aware again of the immense importance of quality time vacations," explains Christian Meyer, head of marketing and product manager at Grächen. "With our time dimensions, we want to emotionally present our brand promise of recreation for young and old and the offer linked to it."

The new brand logo features an abstracted sun, a reference to the 300 or so days of sunshine a year. "The sun is a central positioning element for us. It stands for almost all the brand attributes we stand for: Recreation, atmosphere, coziness, friendliness, etc.," Meyer summarizes.

Initial elements of the branding will be used on an ongoing basis, with the release of the new look planned for summer 2023.

Responsible at Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade: Roman Rogenmoser (CEO), Christian Meyer (Head of Marketing & Products). Responsible agencies: Part.ch, Elements.at.

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