Quade & Zurfluh creates new appearance for the startup Aplhasynt

Quade & Zurfluh gave the fledgling startup Aplhasynt a fresh look. The Zurich agency developed the claim, created a branding strategy with a new logo design and implemented the website with a new color scheme and matching imagery.

What if CO2 could be used to produce sustainable and climate-neutral fuel? This question is Aplhasynt and wants to contribute to the fight against climate change and excessive CO2 emissions with new technology. The basis for this is the methanation technology developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute, which has been embedded in Aplhasynt through a licensing and partnership agreement.

In short, it is a process that converts electrical energy into synthetic energy sources and feedstocks. If renewable electricity and non-fossil CO2 sources are used in the production process, the resulting synfuels or e-fuels are climate-neutral energy sources.

For the startup, Quade & Zurfluh created the claim "Renewable energy sources through CO2-Upcycling" and designed and implemented the rebranding.

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