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Raiffeisen's website has been given a new look. The content of the website is also being redesigned in stages. The aim is to ensure even clearer user guidance and offer customers streamlined, personalized access.

The website is visited more than 37 million times a year. However, customer needs are increasingly changing with digitization: simple, intuitive, and fast solutions are in demand. In addition, new brand design requirements arose with the brand refresh of the Raiffeisen brand in 2021 ( reported). The web relaunch was to take these circumstances into account and create a modern customer experience.

The new website comes with a simple, focused design. The visual language is clear and the content to the point. Raiffeisen's new color scheme is now also present on the website: red, black and white are used as primary colors throughout. The selective use of large typography is intended to create visual variety.

User-centric concept, optimized customer experience

With the relaunch, Raiffeisen is not only adapting the look of the website, but is also reorganizing its content in stages. A user-centric concept reduces the content to the essentials and is designed to address the needs of Raiffeisen customers in a targeted and individualized manner. "With our new access concept, we want to make it easier to experience the variety of high-quality content that we have on today," explains Laure Frank, Head of Digital Business at Raiffeisen.

Interdisciplinary teamwork and step-by-step implementation

The preparatory work already started at the end of 2021. An agile organization is essential when relaunching a website. In addition, individual Raiffeisen banks were continuously involved in the development process and prototypes were tested with customers to ensure that the website was optimally aligned with customer and market needs.

Following a comprehensive analysis, Raiffeisen launched the website development at the beginning of 2022 in collaboration with partner Cognizant Netcentric. The staged implementation of the redesign is the first step towards Raiffeisen's new customer experience. In order to introduce the new access concept on a broad scale, a revision of all content on is pending, which will be successively tackled in the course of 2023.

The new website is open to the general public with immediate effect. Feedback from visitors will be actively collected and communicated to the Raiffeisen team in the coming days.

Responsible at Raiffeisen Switzerland: Laure Frank (Head of Digital Business), Katharina Hohmann (Head of Web & Content), Beatrice Scarpelli (Project Manager and Product Owner

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