Brandpulse revitalizes Heads! International

Brandpulse has redefined Heads! International redefined: With a new brand strategy, differentiating positioning and concise brand presence, the brand wants to present itself as the leading company in Europe in the field of Board Advisory and Executive Search of the future.

The stated goal of Heads! International is to find the world's best leaders who make a difference, steer change and create value. With its extensive international network of owners, board members and senior executives in a variety of industries and sectors, the brand understands the most pressing challenges in boardrooms and corporate governance.

In a comprehensive brand analysis, Brandpulse examined the market and the competition and conducted interviews with customers, managers and employees of Heads! International and categorized the market in terms of brand strategy. The outcome of the analysis led to insights into corporate strategy as well as brand strategy and brand conception.

From the formulation of the brand strategy, Brandpulse defined the differentiation potential of Heads! International and formulated the positioning with brand promise and value proposition. On the basis of the new brand strategy, the design strategy was determined and the new brand image was developed, which embodies the core competence "Board Advisory".

Brandpulse developed the branding with a new logo design, developed the claim "Placing Value creating Leaders", defined a differentiating color coding, the imagery, communication messages and implemented the website. Other sub-projects include the PowerPoint presentation, whitepapers and brochures, flyers, stationery, event touchpoints, employer branding, "Join us" website with films, giveaways and a style guide.

The new brand was launched at an international employee event in Milan in November.

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