Serviceplan Suisse: Conforama becomes Confo

New name, new brand identity, new TV spot from Serviceplan: Things are changing at Confo, but the positioning remains the same.

Conforama becomes Confo - and the furniture store is also changing in other ways. Including a new brand identity, developed and implemented by Serviceplan Suisse. This also includes a TV spot for sponsoring the FIFA World Cup program on SRF.

"Housing for all"

The name changes, but the positioning remains: Conforama is renamed Confo, but remains true to the discounter segment. The newly developed strategic direction "Living for all" strengthens the company's mission - with Confo's low-priced offers, all people in Switzerland should continue to have the opportunity to make themselves comfortable at home in the future. To make its wide selection of furniture, décor and electronics even more accessible to its clientele, Confo is currently investing across all business units: from a modernized IT system that enables new opportunities for online shopping to a fresh brand identity.

Having already given Confo's brochures a new design, the refreshed brand is making its first big appearance during the World Cup: Confo is sponsoring the FIFA World Cup program on SRF with a TV spot under the new brand claim "Mach's Dir Confo im Leben". The film shows a young woman growing up: the little girl who plays princess with her little brother develops into a music-loving teenager who eventually becomes a young adult with a great passion for soccer. The film's message: no matter what, thanks to Confo's attractive prices, any living situation can be arranged comfortably.
Strategy and brand management with newly designed brochures and the TVC were developed and implemented by Serviceplan Suisse. The spot was produced by Pumpkin Film and directed by Kasper Wedendahl. The film will be broadcast on SRF as part of the World Cup broadcast in November and December 2022.

Responsible at Confo: Martin Koncilja (Marketing and E-Commerce Director), Anaïs Sautreuil (External
Communication & Budget Manager). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Günter Zumbach, Peter Liptak (concept & text), Thomas Müller, Nadja Tandler, Dylan Reed (art), Dominic Shota Schweingruber (motion design), Barbara Meier, Victor Borel (realization), Carmen Aebischer (production), Constantine Wrage (TV producer), Dominic Häuptli (consulting),
Peter Schäfer (Chief Strategy Officer), Marcin Baba (Executive Creative Direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (Overall Responsibility). Film production: Pumpkin Film AG: Kasper Wedendahl (director), Fabian Vettiger (DoP), Stefanie Brand (executive producer), Flavio Karrer (photographer), Robin Fessel (production design / set design), Claudia Brand (post producer), Hastings: Riccardo Passani (voice recording / dubbing), Südlich-t: post production.

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