Serviceplan stages B2B image film for Accelleron

With "Move further", Accelleron wants to support the positioning of the recently independent brand and show the core technologies and people behind the brand. The B2B image film was conceived and implemented by Serviceplan Suisse and director Marco Lutz.

The new image film for Accelleron was to go beyond the usual B2B language and express the importance of the company. The audience was to develop an awareness of Accelleron and of the motivation of its employees. According to Serviceplan Suisse, "Move Further" therefore feels more like a dedicated commitment to the company's mission than an image film. In its full length of just over two minutes, the film takes viewers on a journey through the company's world, focusing on those people who make up Accelleron.

The film was shot in Hamburg and Baden and will initially be released on Accelleron's own channels. Further broadcasts are planned in the coming months.

Responsible at Accelleron: Magdalena Okopska (Vice President Communications), Antonietta Allocca (Head of Brand Management and Partnership). Responsible at ABB: Nicolas Ziegler (Head of Brand Management), Lena Poëll (Head of Brand Design and Governance). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse and Plan.Net Suisse: Peter Schäfer (Chief Strategy Officer), Micha Seger (Executive Creative Director), Philipp Intlekofer (Art Direction), Henry Clarke, Joss Arnott (Copywriter), Muriel Laporta-Asté, Tom Hubli, Sylvia Kohler and Caroline Ronzani (Consulting), Pam Hügli and Raul Serrat (Overall Responsibility). Film production: Stefan Girtanner (Shining Film). Directed by: Marco Lutz.

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