Graubünden brand launches broad discourse on sustainability

The Graubünden brand wants to actively shape the path to a sustainable future together with its partner network. This is based on the realization that a consistently sustainable orientation is what distinguishes successful, sustainable brands. At the Graubünden Brand Day, the office provided insight into the current project status.

Host Gieri Spescha (left) in conversation with government president Marcus Caduff at the Graubünden Brand Day. (Pictures: zVg.)

What does "sustainability" mean in an ecosystem such as that represented by the Graubünden regional brand with its numerous licensees and partners? And what role can and must the Graubünden brand play in this system? The office Brand Graubünden has been dealing intensively with these questions for several months. On Thursday, the Graubünden Brand Office gave an insight into the current status of the project to around 180 participants at the Graubünden Brand Day at the Theater Chur.

Participatory process

One of the great strengths of the regional brand is its partner network, which includes a large number of companies, organizations and institutions from a wide range of industries. This network, with its diverse competencies and qualities, therefore also plays a decisive role in the brand's sustainability process.

For example, at the invitation of the Graubünden brand, around 25 sustainability officers and personalities from across the canton took part in a full-day workshop, broadly representing the three dimensions of sustainability - economic, ecological and social.

Four fields of action defined

As a result of the workshop and the conceptual deepening of the contents, the Brand Graubünden office has derived four fields of action. These are "Network & Competence", "Agenda", "Monitoring" and "Communication". Project manager Andrea Beerli from the Brand Graubünden office explained the contents and directions of the fields of action at the Brand Day.

With the activation of the Graubünden network, a regional collaboration platform is to be established, knowledge shared and professional support made possible. With the development of a sustainability agenda, commitment is to be established and communicative value is to be created for the sustainable commitment of the partners. The establishment of a monitoring system ensures the credibility of the joint efforts. And finally, the sustainable brand orientation is to be strengthened by means of communication and the added value of the Graubünden brand is to be made transparent.

Step by step approach

At the moment, the implementation of the presented fields of action is being detailed and planned by means of individual measures, said Andrea Beerli at the Brand Day. The activation of the network and the joint creation of an agenda are high on the list of measures. In an auditorium vote at the Brand Day, 73 percent said they wanted to participate actively in the further process.

Keynotes, inputs and Rap Rumantsch

Two keynotes provided further insights at the Brand Day. In his presentation, Zurich brand and media expert Dominique von Matt explained why a "new era of brand communication" is taking place and what impact this has on brand management.

Prof. Dr. Dominique von Matt spoke at Markentag on the topic of "Brand communication in a new era".

Antje von Dewitz, CEO of the German outdoor equipment manufacturer Vaude, addressed the audience via live video link. In her keynote, she showed how she has thoroughly transformed the brand into a sustainable company and increased the company's success at the same time.

Via video link, Vaude CEO Antje von Dewitz told of the company's transformation.

In the course of four short pitch presentations, Eliane Bernasocchi-Volken (Weisse Arena Group), Thomas Grond (Repower), Martina Müller-Kamp (GKB) and David Spinnler (Biosfera Val Müstair) gave insights into how sustainability is practiced at the operational level in Graubünden. Finally, the Graubünden Brand Day was rounded off musically by the Engadin Rumantsch rapper Snook and his accompanist Rezia.

Rezia and Snook rounded off the brand day musically.

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