Geyst takes aim at heroes for Hamilton Medical

Hamilton Medical, the manufacturer of ventilation solutions, has reworked and sharpened its brand DNA and rewritten its brand story in collaboration with the Zurich agency Geyst. Now the relaunch is complete and the new website is online.

With the motto "Empowering the frontline heroes of critical care," Hamilton Medical focuses on the people who give their all for the health of others. The newly developed imagery is designed to clearly reflect this. In addition to the imagery, Geyst revised the entire corporate design and created a modern, clean look. This should give the entire appearance greater stringency and strength.

Confident online presence

Based on the new branding, Ergosign, Geyst, Champion Systems and the project team at Hamilton Medical created a new Website built with modern UX/UI, in a future-proof modular system and with over 80 modules. Despite the high information density, navigating through the website is intuitive and fluid. Due to the generous design and the well thought-out user guidance, the website should appear light and "lean".

Digital brand management

Geyst also supported its client in creating a comprehensive brand hub for digital brand management. This includes everything from the brand credo to the design guidelines and clean templates that make a brand successful both internally and externally.

In addition, the agency has assisted Hamilton Medical with the internal launch and onboarding of new team members - and continues to do so.

Responsible at Hamilton Medical: Sasha Starcevic, Julia Bail, Nadine Auer, Kathrin Elsner, Candy Padmore, Nicolò Mandozzi. Responsible at Geyst: Laura Meng, Christian Raissig, Reto Odermatt, Oliver Fried, Florin Grunder, Matthias Kadlubsky, Marcel Capeder, Tanja Durband, Marcus Aeberhard, Severine Reich. Responsible at Ergosign: Toni Steimle, Carla Stutz-Müller. Responsible for Champion Systems: Marc Champion, Sonia Rizzo, Eduard Lehel Reichenberger.

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