KSP modernizes the appearance of Tom Capital

The Zurich-based agency KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner has created a contemporary image for the investment boutique Tom Capital.

Tom Capital was founded in Zurich in 2011 and is fully owned by the team. Its systematic approach to active investment management relies on science and machine learning. Based on scientifically proven concepts, the firm's algorithms identify patterns from macroeconomic, fundamental and price data, construct the portfolio and provide trading inputs within a strict risk management framework.
After ten years on the market, the management decided to develop a contemporary redesign. KSP developed the new appearance for Tom Capital, from the logo to the claim to all appearances, especially the new website. Tomcapital.ch.

The new "Fingerprint Tree" was created from the existing walnut tree in the logo, which was intended to symbolize solidity and consistent yield over three years. The new logo combine the original symbolism with individuality and digital attitude.

Responsible at Tom CapitalSabrina Herold (Partner, Sales & Client Relations), Dr. Christian Gloor (Partner, Research & Portfolio), Steven Van Winkel (Partner, Research & Models), Dr. Artem Chakirov (Partner, Research & Data), Thomas Stämpfli (Founder, Board of Directors), Dr. Urban Müller (Partner, Board of Directors). Responsible at KSP: Céline Goldschmid, Jelena German (design), Barbara Sarras (text), Manuela Pasanen (DTP), Melanie Hanimann (consulting), Simon Kaserer (website implementation), Uwe Schlupp, Daniel Krieg (strategy and creative direction).

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