Zelebrand launches luxury food brand "Octave

The agency Zelebrand International has designed the entire brand for the new luxury food company OctaveWorld and is also responsible for the packaging concept and design of the just released products.

Founded by two Swiss with Greek roots, OctaveWorld focuses on olive oils positioned globally in a high-end niche with a social responsibility approach.

The name Octave as well as the entire strategic brand identity were conceived and implemented by Zelebrand International. The eight tone steps, which are representative of an octave, were the inspiration for the name.

Music plays a central role at Octave: "We support the next generation of up-and-coming musicians with at least 3 percent of our sales," explains co-founder Anastastios Ghiatras.

The "Creative Legal Intelligence" methodology developed by Zelebrand was used for the brand engineering. This merges all brand protection aspects with the creative process and, according to the agency, is intended to guarantee maximum precision, quality and security with the greatest possible cost efficiency right from the start. This also includes the appropriate global domain strategy as well as the patent protection of word and figurative marks.

"Unfortunately, brands are still too often developed in the blue without being aware of the risks of the digital age," explains Petar Dakovic, Founder and Managing Partner of Zelebrand. "With the 'Creative Legal Intelligence' methodology we developed in collaboration with Brandit, we can guarantee that both new and existing brands can move safely into the future, precisely because the right precautions have been taken from the start."

In addition, Zelebrand has already implemented the first communication measures. These include an initial website with store integration, a brand and product brochure, and a film and photo shoot. According to the agency, further activities are being planned, including additional new products that are currently in the testing phase.

Responsible at OctaveWorld Ltd: Anastasios Ghiatras (Co-Founder), Janis Papadatos (Co-Founder). Responsible at Zelebrand International: Ralf Kostgeld (Founder/Creative Partner), Petar Dakovic (Founder/Managing Partner), Albert Trulls (Art Direction & Design), George Naskid (UI/UX), Samuel Zerbato/Z-Productions (Photography and Film), Q Switzerland/ Worldwide (Tech Consulting).

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