Pink realizes sweet branding for Nobile

The high quality standard can now also be seen in the branding: The Rosarot agency has completely redesigned the appearance of the Nobile chocolate brand and has also given the website and packaging a new shape.

In Bätterkinden in the Bernese Mittelland, Willi Schmutz and Martin Schwarz and their Nobile team are always on the lookout for new taste experiences. In 2015, Nobile was awarded the best chocolatier in Switzerland by Georg Bernardini with the top score of "six cocoa beans" and has moved into the top ten of the world's chocolatiers. In 2018, Nobile was also voted "Best Chocolatier" in Switzerland by Choco Guide. After these milestones, it was time for Nobile to add more indulgence to its own brand as well. Rosarot was entrusted with the rebranding and redesign.

The chocolate icing on the cake

Already at the first step there was a decisive cut: The brand "Casa Nobile" became simply Nobile, according to the translation "the reduction to the 'noble' core". The bracket as the previous design element is found again in the new logo as the icing on the cake of Nobile.

The new imagery was also deliberately bathed in dark colors to highlight the exclusivity of the chocolate. In addition, the website was enhanced with new illustrations and animations. In addition to the redesign of the corporate identity and the website, including the Online ShopThe packaging has also been redesigned for the new store, which mainly sells chocolate.

Responsible at Nobile: Martin Schwarz (Technical Manager / Co-owner), Eva Werlen-Christensen (Sales / HR / Co-owner). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction), Labinot Gashi (Director Digital), Merve Palaz (Consulting), Isabelle Niemann (Project Management Digital Marketing), Andreas Steiner (Director Content), Sarah Därendinger (Art Direction), Bianca Berger (Art Direction), Stefanie Steimer (Graphic Design), Fabio Montefiori (DTP).

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