Mona and Mateo: new brand identity for Klara Basel

The restaurant gets a new brand identity and campaign by Mona and Mateo for its fifth anniversary

From an espresso on the go to a family lunch at noon to an extensive dinner with friends at the bar: Klara in Kleinbasel has nine kitchens and a bar - and has been doing so for five years now. To mark the occasion, the creative agency Mona und Mateo developed and implemented a new brand identity and campaign for the gastronomy company.

At the heart of the new look is the concept of the restaurant: there is room for everyone and everything here. This free space served as a concept template and was interpreted as a design and text mechanic. This is evident, for example, in the new logo, which depicts the free space as nine spaced units - alluding to the nine kitchens - between "clear" and "a." The visual separation is also used in the headlines. The "K" is upside down and is intended to convey the claim that the restaurant is also open to non-conformists and those who live differently.

The website, signaling, complete restoration needs, and communications are also part of the redesign. Posters in the city draw attention to the rebranding and advertise a visit.

Responsible at Klara: Yannick Studer, Nik von Frankenberg. Responsible with Mona and Mateo: Sheena Czorniczek, Nadine Zürcher, Lesley Ryffel, Hannah Mey, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti. Web Development: Lani Digital Design.

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